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You Need The Best Self-Defense Training And You Know It!

There is a high probability that every woman will face a possible attack, an actual attack, molestation or threats to their safety or their children’s safety at some point in their life.


Self-defense involves knowing how to avoid situations that put you at risk then coupling them with self-defensive evasive techniques that can help keep them safe during dangerous times.


The Krav Maga Force self-defense training will give you the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with threats and physical attacks, which may occur on the street or at home.


You’d Better NOT Freeze During An Attack!
We will teach and prepare you how to defend against common chokes, grabs, bear-hugs and other attacks.


These include fighting from the ground and what to do when confronted with weapons. You will learn to be aware of potential dangers and avoidance. The program incorporates training methods to build women’s’ fighting spirit and to train how to respond both mentally as well as physically and eliminating freezing in confrontation.


You owe it to yourself & your family to stay safe.



 review--image The Mental Challenge This Training Provides Has Been Truly Rewarding

I have had an amazing journey since I have started my Krav Maga Force training.

Not only has my physical strength and overall fitness improved, the mental challenge this training provides has been truly rewarding.

My coordination, conditioning and mental toughness has improved tremendously. I enjoy the challenge of training even though some days it feels like it is the toughest thing I have ever had to do.”

Sandra M. (Mother of 3)
North Vancouver BC, Canada


Don’t be a victim or a statistic – prove to yourself that women can be strong too. Learn self-defense and be confident that when the danger comes, you’ll be able to defend yourself.


We will teach you how to fight back with intensity, reaction, and energy.


Unlike most women’s self-defense programs, our training is scenario-based and has an action packed program designed to teach you how to fight back in a variety of different situations including rape, domestic violence, multiple attackers, and instances where weapons are used.Girl Signalling Stop Kmf Image


You will learn common assault situations to give you the proper training and muscle memory to ensure that they act on instinct in an assault situation and lower your chance of freezing.


Not only will we teach you how to keep yourself safe if your are ever confronted, we will also teach you how to take your power back in a society that is saturated with violence against women. By increasing awareness, developing confidence and skills, and empowering women to stand up for themselves, Krav Maga Force will change the lives of women in a safe, controlled, environment that sets them up for success every time.


Woman Being Abducted Kmf Image


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Read the Proof Below & Learn Why You Need Krav Maga Force Self-Defense Training:


The Facts About Violence Against Women


A woman is beaten every 9 seconds <- Click & Scroll down the page & learn how dangerous it is for women – Millions of women need this training.


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Every 107 seconds, another American is sexually assaulted <- Click & Scroll down to see source.


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Every 6 Days In Canada A Woman Is Killed By Her Intimate Partner




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