Combat Fitness Classes

Do You Want To Be Combat Ready, Feel The Burn Of A Great Workout and Build The Body You Imagine?

Our conditioning and strength programs are REAL and gives you REAL results REAL fast. With a unique receipt designed on a base platform by fitness training methods utilized by military and police forces, we bring to average citizens a conditioning and strength training method that uses lightning fast counter-attacks to transform both body and mind.

Each individual program is a Fitness Masterpiece. Brings a fresh experience to the entire body. Our trainers are skilled professionals and completely dedicated to helping students succeed.

CARDIO KICKBOXING – Where Fitness meets Fighting

Cardio Kickboxing is an intense-workout program that combines fitness, strength, conditioning and martial arts. This class emphasize correct body alignment, proper technique, muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance.
Cardio Kickboxing builds stronger and healthier bodies and builds confidence. Heavy bags, Medicine balls, Kettle bells and jump ropes are just a few of the tools used in this class. You’ll leave our Cardio Kickboxing classes feeling strong and energized.
Boxing gloves or bag gloves are required.

TOTAL BODY WORKOUT – Where You Increase Your Horsepower

Total Body Conditioning (T.B.C.) is the newest program designed to bring your fitness level to the next level. No matter in what shape you are. This program will increase your horsepower. You will be put to the ringer! The fat will melt out of your body, your legs will burn, and your arms will shake. Oh boy… You will swear. You will sweat. You will maybe even cry. Nobody will care. When your class is done you will KNOW that you got results already. a high-intensity workout using only bodyweight and sometimes bags, medicine balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, rings, and plyo boxes.
No heavy or Olympic lifting. This is the class for you!

CORE AND STRETCHING – Where Fitness meets Yoga

This class is the best combination of Abs Workout, Physical Therapy and Yoga.
Our Core and Stretching class is not your average physical therapy session or Yoga program. This program will repair your body and will prevent old or new injuries to take over your body. You will get back you’re your six pack, increase your flexibility and your overall performance in everything you do in just short amount of time. This program is a full body recharge. You’ll be able to move quickly and efficiently. You’ll feel instantly younger.