Law Enforcement Krav Maga Best Training in Vancouver

When Your Weapon Jams Or You Can’t Use It  Krav Maga Force Training Will Save Your Life!

Krav Maga Force’s Total Officer Protection training is especially suitable for law enforcement personnel.


Law enforcement officers may NOT have the extra time that is needed for advanced martial arts training, but they are more likely than anyone to be in a extremely dangerous situation.


This is the time when Krav Maga Force training will help the officer to react quickly and use the correct level of force to control the situation.


Deescalating and taking safe control of a situation as quickly as possible is the ultimate goal of a police officer, and Krav Maga is designed to give the officer confidence & the ability to survive an attack when the situation goes sideways & the office must fight to survive especially when a weapon or hidden weapons are deployed against them.


We are aware of use-of-force and liability issues facing law enforcement these days and we are constantly updating our TOP Program in consultation with use-of-force experts to provide efficient responses in applications of reasonable force.


Our main focus is to keep your officers safe when they enter a combat situation. TOP also provides  tactical skills and train the officers to respond quick with the right tool and apply the correct level of force especially under stress.


Krav Maga Force law enforcement training teaches officers how to maximize the effectiveness of their equipment. For example, police learn how to:

  • Use their handcuffs efficiently
  • Use their  sidearm as a cold weapon, when they do not want to or cannot fire
  • Trained in weapon retention
  • Hostage situations
  • Handling violent “domestic violence” persons
  • Defenses against handgun threats
  • Defenses against rifle threats
  • Dangerous persons situations

Krav Maga Force law enforcement training is intense, aggressive and teaches the best control techniques.

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