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Do You want To Be Able To Protect Your Family & Friends?


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We specialize in teaching instructor level courses Worldwide; check out our main website at:  Here in Vancouver we have 8 Certified Instructors and  our Chief Instructor LAURIAN LAPADATU teaching non-instructor classes. For on-going classes, private lessons, group private lessons or private seminars please email us at info@KravMagaForce.


Below you will read some feed back we got from some experienced martial artists who we taught in our Krav Maga Force Instructors Courses.  These marital arts rock stars deployed our program into their martial arts schools.


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review--image Krav Maga Force Is The Best (8th Degree Black Belt)

My name is Stephen Hammersley owner and 8th degree Master Instructor of American Martial Arts the Chuck Norris System of martial arts training in New Smyrna Beach FL.



As a martial arts student for over 35 years holding black belts in many systems, I have trained with some of the best teachers on the planet, and have experienced many different approaches to real life self defense training…that being said,

Krav Maga Force is the best and the only K.M. System I would choose to learn and teach at my school…

Laurian is one of the most talented knowledgeable and world class instructors that I have ever had the pleasure to meet, learn from and train with.”


Master Stephen Hammersley (meet Stephen in the video above right)
8th Degree Black Belt
New Smyrna Beach FL


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review--image Greatest Experience Ever With An Amazing Instructor (9th Degree Black Belt)

A must take course for any martial artist or person wanting to know self-defense! MADVD7_full

I have been training and teaching the martial arts for over 40 years and have trained with some of the finest teachers of our time-

  • Chuck Norris,
  • Benny the Jet,
  • Bill Wallace,
  • Dave Kovar,
  • among others.

.When Laurian came to my studio in So.Cal. to teach us his Krav Maga Force (KMF) certification course, I had no idea what to expect.  I came away having one of the greatest experience ever. He is an amazing instructor with a world of knowledge. His vast martial arts background certainly helped and added to this KMF program.

I highly recommend anyone to take this course if you want to learn true self-defense AND get an amazing workout!”


Roger Lacombe
9th Degree Black Belt
Lakevillage California



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